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I would like to get the scholarship how do I go about it

Hello, please be specific in your question. I think your desired degree and your desired destinations will help:)

hello, please i wanna ask about yale fully funded scholarship, in the admission process they mentioned * Mid-Year Report & Final Report* can you please explain that and tell me whats are the importants point that i must focus on to get accepted.
thank you for your help :grin:

Hi Khouloud,

The Mid-Year Report are your grades for the 12th year 1st semester and Final Report are your grades after you finish your 12th year. Since the application deadlines are before these two dates if you are doing your 12th year, you will submit these when these grades are available.

For important things, you will need stellar grades, standardized scores such as SAT/ACT, and also excellent extracurricular activities. Even though you have these things, thereโ€™s more random process involved since these top universities want their entering students to look in a certain way in terms of diversity, grades, strengths, etc. So, even if you do have the above things, you donโ€™t know until you apply and get your results.