English degree program in South Korea

Hi! I come from an engineering background and would like to pursue higher education in South Korea. Are there any universities that offer an English degree program in engineering?

Hi Sean,

You can check out Best English-taught Universities in South Korea. All the universities mentioned there offer programs in English. If you’re interested in pursuing an engineering degree, institutions like KAIST, UNIST, and GIST provide courses entirely in English. I recommend researching whether they offer bachelor’s programs in English. For master’s programs, it’s likely that they do.

Which universities under Global Korea Scholarships teach masters in chemistry in the English language? It’s very difficult to find one. Please help me

Hi Pamela,

KAIST and UNIST offer Master’s in Chemistry, and all their courses are in English. They might be part of the Global Korea Scholarships, but even if not, both KAIST and UNIST provide generous scholarships.